For the parents who attended and not attended parents’ meet of Aero dept at SVIT on 4/9/11

Dear all

I am alumnus of Aeronautical Department. Yesterday, I was present at parents’ meet. I would like to bring to your notice certain things which I could not say there.

Regarding GATE exam

GATE is held once in a year. For Aerospace Engineering, it is online. The forms are available from 2nd week of September. The online exam is held on last Sunday of January. Student can appear in any GATE exam irrespective of his/her B.E. branch. There is no minimum qualification like 60% aggregate is required to appear for GATE. From this year, GATE can be given by only final year students. MHRD gives Rs 8000 stipend for M.E. admissions based on GATE.

Regarding GATE percentile

It was told that because number of students appearing in GATE exam are less for Aerospace Engineering, it is easier to get good percentile. This is totally wrong. GATE has 3 components in result.

One is GATE marks : it is out of 100. this will determine whether you have qualified the exam or not. For each subject, there is different passing marks or may be same. it depends on organizing institute.

Second is GATE score: it is out of 1000. it is obtained with some statistical analysis. the formula of which is given in prospectus generally. even if you are disqualified, you will have GATE score. GATE score is independent of almost all things like caste, branch and year of exam.

Third is GATE rank: It is given based on your GATE score.

percentile are calculated with your rank and no of students appeared. so, if 10000 students have appeared and you are in top 100, it means that your percentile are 99 or above.

For admissions in IITs and IISc, this percentile matters the most. so let me give you one illustration for this.

If your rank is 100 and no of students are 10000, it means you have secured 99 percentile which is very good.

but if you rank is 200 and no of students are 30000, it means you have secured 99.33 percentile. here even though your rank is lower than 1st one, you have higher percentiles. so student of second case will get 1st admission than previous one. I think this is sufficient to clarify the yesterday’s statement given by faculties.

For admissions in IITs, in open category, you will have to score more than 99 percentile just to get shortlisted only!!

Also, keep in mind that in aerospace engineering, other branches can also compete like mechanical, civil, electrical, EC etc. so , you are not alone when it comes to pg admissions

Regarding GRE/TOEFL/IELTS or any such exams

These exams are compulsory  for pg admissions abroad. Each country and each college in that country has different criteria for these exams.  These exams can be given at any time. There are centers in Gujarat for such exams. The scholarships can be obtained for pg course abroad if your score in such exam is very good.

Regarding IIT,IISc and foreign institute

Here is the information from link. As per the link, IITs were ranked 50 in 2005 while in 2006 they slid to 57 as university. But they were at 3rd position for engineering. To get better idea of current scenario, click here this will show you that IIT Delhi is at 40, while IIT Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Madras are in 51-100 rank. Also, IISc, IIT Guwahati and IIT roorkee are in 151-200 rank.

My aim to mention all this is not to discourage you to study in IITs or IIsc. They are premiere institutes of India. every engineer dreams to be there at lest once. But what I wanted to inform you that what has been told to you was IITs are in top 20, which is not right.

Also, let me inform you that you must inquire about the colleges abroad thoroughly but remember that foreign education system is totally different from ours. also, foreign degree is allowed in India for further education provided you get the certificate from foreign university mentioning that the course is equivalent to pg.

If you have any questions, you are free to ask me on this post.

At the end, I wish you and your child best of luck for the future.


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