Flying, Technical & Ground duty branches in IAF 2013 Men

For MALE candidates only

Courses commence in January 2013

Flying Branch:- 11 SSC

Technical Branch:- 82 AEC (Permanent Commission) and 54 SSC

Ground Duty Branches:- 133 GDOC (Permanent Commission) and 26 SSC

Courses commence in July 2013

Technical Branch:- UES 2013 (Permanent Commission)

Last Date for Application:- 13/01/2012

Date of AFCAT:- 26/02/2012


Flying Branch:- Born between 02/01/1990 and 01/01/1994 both dates inclusive

Technical Branch:- Born between 02/01/1985 and 01/01/1995 both dates inclusive

Ground Duty Branches:- Born between 02/01/1990 and 01/01/1993 both dates inclusive (For Graduates) (different for other qualifications)

University Entry Scheme:- Born between 02/07/1985 and 01/07/1995 both dates inclusive

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