Bernoulli’s Equation

p + (1/2)ρV2 = const

This equation is good only for incompressible flow. Experience has shown that, because it is one of the first equations usually encountered by students in study of fluid dynamics, there is a tendency to use this equation for situations where it is not valid. Compressible flow (M>0.3) is one such situation.

Anderson, J. D., Jr., Modern Compressible flow: With Historical Perspective, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, Singapore, 1990, page 7

Swept Wings

By sweeping the wings of subsonic aircraft, drag divergence is delayed to higher Mach numbers.

Anderson, J. D., Jr., Introduction to Flight (In SI Units), 6th ed., Tata McGraw-Hill, India, 2010, page 330

Aerodynamic Cener

The Aerodynamic Center is defined as that location xac about which the pitching moment doesn’t change with angle of attack.

Center of Pressure

Center of pressure is that location where the resultant forces act and about which the aerodynamic moment is zero.

Hypersonic Flight

The considerations for the hypersonic vehicle combine in such a fashion that components to generate lift, propulsion and volume are not separate from each other, rather, they are closely integrated in the same overall lifting shape, in direct contrast to conventional subsonic and supersonic vehicle design.
Anderson, J. D., Jr., Hypersonic and high temperature gas dynamics, McGraw-Hill, page 11

Service Ceiling

The height above sea level at which an aircraft with normal rated load is unable to climb faster than 100 ft/min (0.508 m/s) under Standard Air conditions.

Plane Stress and Plane Strain

Plane Stress is defined to be a state of stress in which the normal stress, σzz and the shear stresses, σxz and σyz directed perpendicular to the x-y plane are assumed to be zero.

Plane Strain is defined to be a state of strain in which the normal strain, εzz and the shear strains, γxz and γyz directed perpendicular to the x-y plane are assumed to be zero.

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